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Ella helps me pack

Ella helps me pack

She will have you know that packing is silly and moving is even sillier.

an almost loaf

Mush is only 12 weeks old, so he's still perfecting his loaf technique. But he'll get there.

Cattus Loafus Ridens

Ok, she was yawning, not laughing, but I thought it sounded cute.

synchronized loafing

It's George's birthday today. She's three. The one on the left. And that's her brother Desi with her.

two kittyloaves

tinky is an inquisitive loaf ella is a sleepy loaf

Tinky the tortie lovebug and Ella the grey queen.
A Bakery? A Cookie? Suggestions please. ;)

Smiling loaf

Felix is happy that Spring is finally coming... we reached 5 Celsius today, yay!